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Our Training & Development Services

If you are engaged in international defence business, or looking to benefit from the Offset opportunities open to industry, industry representatives or parastatal organisations who’s stakeholders are involved in Offset, you will achieve extensive benefits from our training and development programmes.

Tailored to meet your requirements, our offset training programmes range from half-day executive briefings to our university level intensive learning experience.

These training programmes contain numerous case studies to help you understand offset in all its forms (including Industrial Participation, Economic Cooperation and Industrial Engagement.

Whether you are engaging in offset for the first time, or wanting to brush up on your skills, our training programmes are designed to provide you with a fast track to the latest techniques, best practice and Industry expertise to help you achieve your business goals.

O2K Ltd. has partnered with local and international training and development institutions and put together a portfolio of development programmes ranging from short 1 day workshops to full accredited courses.for all of out target Sectors.

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Our Consultancy Service

O2K Ltd. together with its sister organisation, Offsets 2000 (UK) ensures it can offer a wide range of Industrial Cooperation / Offset support consultancy services to both our Public Sector and Obligor / OEM clients. These services are underpinned by expertise, local & international knowledge  and global best practice:

Our services to Obligors / OEMs Companies

Our services to the Public Sector

Our services to Manufacturers

In addition to the above we offer support for:

These are just a sample of our services, we look forward to discussing you specific needs.

Our Supply Chain Matching Service

At the core of our portfolio is our Matching service.This service brings together our local and global networks, our understanding of the local manufacturing market and capabilities together with the needs and expectation of a demanding Obligor / OEM with regard to their supply chain’s capabilities and risk profiles.

Our Services Include:

OEM Requirement Analysis

We work with our Obligor / OEM clients to review their specific needs to ensure any potential matchmaking will meet the Industrial Cooperation criteria for approval and which would maximise the Obligors / OEMs returns with respect to credits awarded by the Offset management authority

Initial Manufacturer Identification

We undertake research to identify the most effective solutions with regard to the OEMs requirements and submit an initial report detailing the identified manufacturers

Subject to our clients needs we can then undertake an initial audit to generate a more detailed report on the short listed manufacturers in accordance with the Clients criteria

Matching Events

We undertake bespoke matchmaking support for clients who wish to meet their short listed manufactures at their premises as well as holding quarterly general matchmaking events for our target markets

Manufacturing Audits

Once a client has identified potential manufacturers we can undertake a full audit of the company. This audit will be conducted by a team which will include both the BSI and Dun & Bradstreet to ensure our client is not exposed to undue risk in finalising the agreement with their chosen suppliers

Compliance Checks

We also undertake compliance checks throughout the process to ensure the final suppliers agreements will meet all local laws, regulations and Offset management Authority criteria.